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Healthcare Advocacy

Contact a patient advocate to help you to navigate through the complicated medical industry, medical billing concerns, or obtaining second options in getting a negotiated price with a medical facility.

Our dedicated Subject Matter Experts are healthcare insiders who can provide support by helping to raise your awareness of what options are available for you in a wide variety of circumstances.

For example, they can help you to understand your out-of-pocket cost, bring you leverage in negotiations with providers regarding billing discrepancies, and can help you to clarify your covered services. You can think of this service as something akin to your own personal insurance assistants, in the likeness of a concierge-level service.

Awareness: Explanation of Benefits
General plan questions, explain your out-of-pocket costs, understanding Rx benefits, and clarification of covered services

Engagement: Personalized Support
Help finding in-network providers, getting second opinions and access to transparency tools for treatment costs and quality ratings.

Improvement: Concierge Level Solutions
Peace-of-mind and lower plan costs with Medical Bill Reviews, Appeals, Fee Negotiation and our unique Rx cost saving programs.

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Empowering Wellness: Our Journey Towards Mental Health and Happiness

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The i'mWELL App

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Mood Calculator & Tracking

Keep track of your mental health with our mood calculator and mood tracking throughout your day.

24/7 Urgent & Crisis Care

More access to the doctors, therapists, and nurses that keep you healthy.


Proven Outcomes

Joining the I’m WELL wellness community has been a game-changer for me. The 24/7 emergency support gave me peace of mind, and the ability to access doctors over the phone for checkups made managing my health easier than ever.”


“The I’m WELL wellness community has transformed my life. The 24/7 emergency support provided me with unparalleled peace of mind, and the access to doctors over the phone for checkups has made healthcare incredibly convenient. I highly recommend this incredible resource.”


“The community has been a turning point for me. The wealth of mental health resources and supportive community has brought positivity and balance to my life. Knowing that I have 24/7 emergency support available is a tremendous comfort during challenging times.”

Personal Wellness Plan

Our Personal Wellness Plan is a comprehensive roadmap to improved mental and emotional health, providing you with the tools and support needed to thrive in all aspects of life.

Community Wellness Platform

The Community Wellness Plan aims to assist leaders within communities, such as yourself, in prioritizing the mental well-being of your members. It offers a thorough plan to enhance the health of your community, fostering stronger connections and promoting overall growth.

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Wellness Resources

Click the Button Below and Share Your Best Email Address to Access 'The Well-Being Roadmap,' Your Guide to Achieving a Calmer, Happier Mind. Start Your Journey to Inner Peace and Emotional Balance Today!