Everyone Has a Story: What It’s Really Like to Be an Essential Worker in 2024

What Are We Facing?

It is no secret that essential workers have faced a tremendous challenge over the course of the last few years, in a much deeper way than we can imagine. 

Of course, essential workers have been overworked since the rice of the pandemic, and most likely prior to that as well. However, the mental toll that work has placed on these individuals is tremendous and alarming. Not only this, but by combining poor conditions as well as a lack of access to quality healthcare and services, this was essentially a recipe for disaster

Why Does This Matter?

Aside from the obvious fact that essential workers fill the gaps for so many positions that help run a cohesive nation, more specifically, “Statistics show that key workers make up 52% of the workforce, with significant representation in sectors like health care, food systems, retail, security, cleaning, transportation, and more” (International Labour organization).

How Can We Help?

We recognized a major gap in our world, this being a lack of available resources for populations like essential workers. Without access to affordable, and easily accessible health and wellness care, the quality of our workforce will ultimately plummet, not to mention decline the overall quality of life of countless people. Telehealth services present a practical and streamlined solution for essential healthcare workers to meet their health requirements. By eliminating the need for face-to-face consultations, these services ensure that healthcare workers can access crucial medical advice, prescriptions, and mental health support remotely. This adaptability is especially beneficial given their busy schedules and the heightened risk of exposure they face, enabling them to receive prompt and necessary healthcare without the limitations associated with conventional clinic or hospital visits. We created Iwilltilimwell to fill this void, to not only be a support system but to solve the problem that millions seem to face every single day. 

What Does The Future Hold?

Looking ahead, our vision for the future is clear and optimistic, if done right. We see a world where improved access to healthcare transforms lives, leading to a happier, healthier global population. This accessibility not only nurtures a more productive workforce but also fosters a flourishing community where well-being is prioritized. Our commitment is to a future where health and happiness walk hand in hand, driving societal progress and enhancing quality of life for all.


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